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What is ISO 27001:2013?

ISO 27001 is the Information Security Management System Standard published by ISO (International Organization for Standardization). The newer Version of the ISO 27001 is released in 2013, hence the current version is indicated as ISO 27001:2013.

As the Internationally Known Business Management Consultancy, Genveritas can help you to implement and achieve ISO 27001 Certification for your Organization through training, developing the system and assist with external audit, ensuring the business critical information  you hold is Secure and constantly managed without any data breaching. 

By Keeping your Business Information Safe and Secure, You can assure your clients and Share holders that you are committed and aligned with the Internationally recognized guidelines to protecting all the information you deal with. 

What is ISO 27001 Certification?

ISO 27001 Certification is the Internationally Recognized Information Security Management System Certification that deals with guidelines and Policies for the Protection of your Business Critical Information.

How does ISO 27001 Benefit for your Business?

ISO 27001 Certification will help the Business Owners and Companies to Secure Critical Information without any discrepancies and bring the Confidence in their Client base and Stakeholders to trust in their Business Model. So What are the benefits of ISO 27001 Certification?

The ISO 27001 Certification has the numerous advantages and has the extremely Positive impact on Business.

Implementing and Achieving the ISO 27001 Certification will help you to:

  • Achieve More Business Opportunities.
  • Earn Confidence of your Customers.
  • Ensure Stake holders that their Data is safe with You.
  • Meet the Local and International Legal Requirements.
  • Implement Secured Business Environment.
  • Improve your credibility.
  • Enhancing the Security Measures.
  • Reduce the risks involved in Information mismanagement.

Does the ISO 27001 Certification fit for your Company?

ISO 27001 Certification is applicable for organization irrespective of their Size, Nature and location. The ISO 27001 Certification is published for the Organizations who are into the Processing and dealing with the Public and their Clients Business Critical Information. The Information should be exposed to the unauthorized personalities or Public without proper security measure.

You may be small scale organization or Large scale business, The information is very important and Critical to protect and keep it as secure as possible. So, In order to keep the Business Data and related Information secure, one must implement and follow the Guidelines set by ISO [International Organization for Standardization] in the framework of ISO 27001 Standard.

  • What is ISO 27001 Certification?
  • How does ISO 27001 Benefit for your Business?
  • Does the ISO 27001 Certification fit for your Company?
  • How much does it Cost to get ISO 27001 Certification?
  • What is Process for ISO 27001 Certification?


  • Choosing of ISO Standard.
  • Planning for Implementation.
  • Training and Do-To Lists.
  • Documentation and Internal Audit.
  • MRM & Continual Improvements.
  • External Audit and Certification.
For businesses of any scale, ISO Certification is a practical commitment and has never been simpler. Through our pricing structure, small businesses will reach large enterprise status. Including:

  • Transparent and Competitive Prices.
  • No Additional Costs , No Hidden fees.
  • For three years, The costs are fixed.
  • Online Support through out the year.
  • Commitment for 100% Certification guarantee.


  • Visit your organization.
  • Kickoff Meeting with Top Management and appoint MR.
  • Understand Organization’s needs and expectation.
  • Analysis Organization infrastructure including internal and external stakeholders.
  • Study the process and interact with your key-staff.
  • Data collection, analysis and reporting.
  • Document the process.
  • Implement and verify the process.
  • Employee awareness training and Competence development.
  • Conducting Internal audit / MRM and closing Non-confirmities.
  • Call for stage-1 audit and closing NCs.
  • Arrange for External audit and We represent your Organization during Audit.
  • Closing NCs and Arrange for Certificate.
  • Surveillance Audit and Re-certification Support.

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How much does it Cost to get ISO 27001 Certification?

The Charges applicable for the ISO 27001 Certification depends on the several factors. There are no fixed charges for any Certification.

The Cost involved in the ISO 27001 Certification is depend on:

  • Complexity of the Business.
  • Size of the Business.
  • Number of Employees Involved in Business.
  • Operation Locations of the Business.
  • Nature of the Business.
  • Selection of Certification Body and Accreditation Body.

So, To understand the Cost involved in Implementation and Certification for Your Organization, Speak with our Advisers. Our Advisers can give you the right options to proceed with Certification Process based on your requirements. You may fill the form below or you can directly contact us at +91 8867260270.

For any organizations, Who are willing to get registered and Certified with ISO 9001 Certification, they must implement the requirements as per the ISO 9001 Standard. Once the all requirements and guidelines implemented aligned with the Standard, they can go forward for ISO Registration in India. Application should be submitted to desired Certification Body and Audit is performed on site to verify the requirements.

This is crucible for organizations to clear External Audit form the CB’s. So we will help you for the successful implementation, audit and certification. Our experts will support your organization with complete documentation and in external audit for successful certification.


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ISO Certification in India

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